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Blockchain webhooksdeployed in minutes

Block Hook is a blockchain automation service that listens for transactions and events on your contracts, and calls webhooks and APIs in response.

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No server? No problem.

Tracking the blockchain is hard, especially if you want to respond to transcations and events in realtime to process assets.

Block Hook makes that easy, with a quick setup to listen to any contract and call any API. generate NFT metadata, update your Discord community and more!

Deploy projects faster

Connect your contracts to the world

Block Hook offers painless intergration with external services without having to manage your own servers and without writing a single line of code.


Scalable, highly-available service means you never have to worry about performance.


Watch contracts on Mainnet, Rinkeby, Polygon and Mumbai. More networks are coming soon!

Fully automated

Block Hook watches the blockchain 24/7 and processes new blocks as soon as they are mined. It doesn't get more realtime.

Blockchain Secure

We leverage blockchain authentication to guarantee only you have access to your hooks and data.

Configurable hooks

A simple and powerful hook builder detects all log parameters and lets your compose any API request.

Log Tracking

View the history and contents of every tracked transaction and event with a simple hook analytics dashboard.

Block Hook allows us to create new kinds of interactive art projects easily. It saves us countless development hours and allows us to develop new projects to share with our community faster.

Jasper Degens

Strata Gallery

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